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Due to the handmade nature of Choclolyl, the products shown in the shop can slightly vary, but ingredients, packages and weight correspond with the information.


After placing your order online, you will be notified if we obtained your payment or not.
Cakes orders will be placed only via contact page and only in Amsterdam area.

Shipping Info

Please allow minimal 5 working days for delivery.

Delivery and Prices

NL standard delivery by will be 6,95€ per package under 10 kg.
The prices are displayed in the online shop and the 6%VAT is included.
Free delivery – Orders over 60€ will qualify for free delivery


If you receive damaged or defective goods please contact us immediately. We ask that you return goods within 14 days in the original package together with a copy of the invoice. Due to the nature of the goods, returns or exchanges are not available unless the product is damaged or defective. Please note that the chocolate can be damaged due to temperature variations (especially in a very hot season) or rough handling during transportation. We want to ensure that you get your goods in perfect condition. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damages that occurs during the journey. In the unlikely event that you dislike or experience a reaction to one of our products, please contact us on 0202238069 (daily, between 16:00-18:00)